Who We Are

Uncommon Labs represents a new model for the development and support of technology that emphasizes community and research. We build web sites, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, games, and more. Our clients have included Google, Microsoft, Chipotle, 3M, Office Depot, Sony-Ericsson, Cingular, and many others. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It Takes a Lab

Our services are the product of years of practical experience. We have learned that the right combination of help-when-you-need-it and ready-solutions often means the difference between success and failure. This combination is best served through long term technical and strategic relationships; a unique community of expert collaborators with share goals and values... or an Uncommon Lab.


Strategic Community Building

Uncommon Labs organizes informal working groups of clients based on their complementary and common technology needs. This high level planning not only facilitates shared development and maintenance costs, but can lead to powerful strategic alliances.


Breakthrough Research

Our model supports services which are normally out of reach to small organizations and businesses, such as R&D, which can be supported by a technology partnership or working group.


Smart Planning

Resource-constrained development can drive organizations to leap before they look. Our model aims to alleviate this pressure, allowing us to evaluate organizational and business needs and make recommendations for optimal, not merely expedient, solutions.

Our Services

Planning & Strategy

Web and application planning is essential to meeting demanding requirements efficiently.

Support Retainers

Every organization faces unanticipated technological challenges and needs.

Research & Development

We represent an experienced and highly efficient software development team.

Design & Testing

Business outcomes and design are interdependent; thoughtful collaboration is key.


Uncommon Labs is a partner of Uncommon Union, a multimedia communications agency. Uncommon Union began as an independent digital studio that worked with agencies and cultural institutions. After building a talented, creative, and highly capable team, Uncommon Labs was founded in 2016 to complement Uncommon Union's services. Uncommon Labs focuses on technically demanding projects, including research and design.

Our Clients

Uncommon Labs has worked with many types and sizes of organizations to provide services at a variety of scales. We are experienced with meeting the challenges of innovative startups and the enterprise alike.

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