Case Study: Competing with Amazon


UULabs works with a fashion retail chain with over 100 stores in the US. Initially struggling to compete with powerful online competitors, like Amazon, we helped to not only relaunch their web presence but engineer a smart, distributed auto-allocation system that transformed their stores into a highly-optimized fulfillment network.

New E-Commerce Advantages

The system UU Labs built automatically allocated products across a network of stores, each with differing inventory, to deliver subscription and new orders to customers in a timely manner. The new infrastructure vastly reduced labor costs, designed-out common errors, accelerated processing, and drove a remarkable increase in revenue.

AI Power Tools

Advanced algorithmic management of traditional retail networks, like brick and mortar outlets, add up to more than survival. Sophisticated new technologies can realize the enormous potential of strategic presence - even as the largest e-commerce businesses invest in massive warehouses and same-day fulfillment.

UULabs has repeatedly proven that well-engineered processes and technology can shape competitive advantages specific to every business.



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Case Study: Competing with Amazon

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